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Frequently Asked Questions about ONDURA®

Q: What is ONDURA?
A: ONDURA roofing sheets and tiles are comprised of 50% recycled organic fibers that are processed to increase durability, formed into a corrugated panel, and then infused with asphalt to create a weather protection barrier.
Q: Where can I obtain ONDURA installation instructions?

A: You can download a PDF version of the ONDURA Installation Instructions, request one by email, or call our support line at 800-777-7663, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time, to have one mailed to you. A Spanish version is also available online and by request.

Q: What is the minimum slope needed for installing ONDURA?
A: We recommend a slope of 3 inches per foot (3:12) or steeper for satisfactory performance of ONDURA sheets and tiles. ONDURA should not be used on a slope that is lower than 3 inches per foot.
Q: What is the recommended support spacing for installing ONDURA?
A: The support spacing of 24” on center (o.c.) is recommended. In areas of heavy snow loads, spacing should be reduced to 18” or 12”. Do not use 16” on center spacing, as this will not align correctly with the ONDURA corrugations to give the panel support. Wherever extreme conditions are possible or buildings have an interior ceiling, solid decking with felt is recommended.
Q: Can ONDURA be purchased in custom lengths?
A: ONDURA is available in sheets that are 48” x 79” and tiles that are 48” x 19-¾”. ONDURA is not available in custom sizes, but the sheets can easily be cut using a utility knife with a sharp blade or a circular saw. Please review the Installation Instructions for more details.
Q: What should be used to cut ONDURA sheets and tiles?
A: Use a utility knife with a sharp blade for cutting parallel with corrugations, or a circular saw with a carbide-tipped blade for cutting across corrugations. Always wear eye protection when cutting.
Q: Is ONDURA covered by a warranty?
A: ONDURA is covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty. The warranty document is available as a PDF file.
Q: How do I find a store that sells ONDURA?
A: We provide links to our retail partner stores on our Where to Buy page.
Q: Is ONDURA available in custom colors?
A: ONDURA is manufactured in eight colors. Custom colors are available in quantities of 2,250 sheets or more. Another option is to paint the material to achieve a custom color. ONDURA can be painted with a high-quality exterior acrylic latex paint. A PDF version of the Painting Guide is available online.
Q: I want to buy ONDURA in a color my dealer doesn’t stock, but they require a minimum for a special order. I only need a few. What can I do?
A: You can ask your dealer to order the sheets and ask that those sheets be top-loaded on the next regularly scheduled stocking shipment for that store. An associate at the store should be able to tell you approximately when they will be ordering stock again and the expected delivery date.
Q: Why do ONDURA tiles require special ordering at my retailer?
A: Traditionally, ONDURA tiles have been a special-order item because we cut every tile for the order from the same manufacturing run to achieve the maximum uniformity of the tiles. If a store requires a special order for tiles, please ask the store associate to call ONDURA Technical Support at 800-777-7663, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time to ask for assistance with the order and get a delivery date.
Q: What is the cost comparison between ONDURA and other types of roofing materials?
A: The best way to compare costs for roofing materials is based on a “roofing square,” which is 100 square feet. Calculate the cost of material to cover 100 square feet, and then compare the costs. ONDURA will cover 100 square feet with 4.5 sheets.
Q: I need help figuring out how much material and what accessories I will need, and how much it will cost to use ONDURA on my home. Can I get estimating help from you?
A: We provide a guide for estimating matrials on the ONDURA Calculating Materials page. This guide will help you determine how much material and which accessories you may need. However, should you still need assistance, you can call our Technical Support department at 800-777-7663, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time. We may ask you to fax or email a drawing of your structure to help us better understand your project.
Q: How do I handle flashing around chimneys or vent pipes?
A: We recommend using regular metal flashing around square chimneys and skylights. For round chimneys, or hot or cold pipes, we manufacture two sizes of pipe flashings, small (12” x 12”) and large (20” x 20”). Both have flat centers.
Q: How do I handle flashing in the roof valleys?
A: For the valleys we recommend 24-inch metal flashing and solid closure strips be used. You will need to cut the sheets or tiles at an angle to fit the valley. For more information on flashing, please read the ONDURA Installation Instructions.
Q: How do I handle flashing at a slope change?
A: Flashing and solid closures should be used at slope changes. For more information on slope change, please read the ONDURA Installation Instructions.
Q: When do I use solid or vented closure strips?
A: Solid closures are used in the roof valleys and in areas where a weather-tight seal on the roof is required. Also, if using a ridge vent, solid closures should be installed at the ridge. Vented closures are used at the eaves and ridge caps and in areas where additional ventilation is appropriate.
Q: Can I use screws instead of your nails?
A: Yes, screws with washers can be used. Some retail acounts sell our color-matched screws, or you can buy them directly from us. Please contact our Customer Service department at 800-777-7663, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time to ask for assistance.
Q: What kind of paint should I use to paint ONDURA?
A: You can use any high-grade, outdoor acrylic latex paint on your ONDURA roof, or you can order ONDURA paint from your nearest dealer. For detailed instructions, we provide a Painting Guide.
Q: I need to clean my ONDURA roof. What do you recommend?
A: Periodic cleaning with a cleaning solution made of one part chlorine bleach to ten parts water is recommended. We recommend that you do not use a pressure washer. Make sure you follow all safety precautions while performing maintenance such as this on your roof.
Q: Is there recommended maintenance for an ONDURA roof?
A: The quick removal of any debris (leaves, branches, etc.) is very important to ensure your ONDURA roof looks good for years. Make sure you follow all safety recommendations while performing maintenance such as this on your roof. Repainting is necessary when the roof begins to show wear. For detailed painting instructions, we provide a Painting Guide. For a full list of maintenance items, please call our support line at 800-777-7663, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Eastern Time.
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