To our pleasant surprise, we heard that a local Boy Scout camp has been using ONDURA sheets on their shelters for the past 15 years. They bought the ONDURA sheets at a local Lowe’s store and used them for the roof over a shelter at the archery range. That worked so well that they bought more sheets and used them for the roofs on other shelters.


15-year-old ONDURA roof on shelter at archery range

One of the current camp rangers, Pat Dillon, contacted us recently to discuss using red ONDURA sheets to re-roof some shelters at the camp that had traditional asphalt shingles but needed new roofs. He provided the roof dimensions for each shelter, and we created a materials list with the amount of sheets and accessories that he would need. After the materials were delivered, we visited the Boy Scout camp to talk with Pat.

We chose ONDURA to re-roof these shelters because we knew the installation would be easier and faster than working with asphalt shingles, and the ONDURA roofs we installed fifteen years ago have held up well and still look good. We re-roofed one of the shelters today that had shingles on it, and one person was able to complete the project with ONDURA in one-fourth the time it would have taken with new shingles. And we like the red color, which will help people find these shelters in the densely forested campgrounds.

Pat Dillon
Camp Ranger
Camp T. Brady Saunders
Goochland County, Virginia

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14-year-old ONDURA roof on shelter at rifle range