Rural shelter with ONDURA roof

ONDURA Roof on Playground at a Church in Virginia

A local church recently built a new playground for the children. Several members of the congregation volunteered to build the new playground and demonstrated some impressive carpentry skills in the design and construction of the centerpiece, which features a raised platform from which kids can enjoy slides and a covered area with a roof. While investigating roofing options at a local Lowe’s store, the lead person on the design team saw ONDURA corrugated asphalt sheets. [...]

ONDURA Roof on Playground at a Church in Virginia2017-09-17T18:48:54-05:00

ONDURA Roof on Goat Shelters in South Carolina

Don Abrahamsen built three rustic animal shelters on his 2-acre homestead in Taylors, South Carolina. The shelters are for his goats and his two guard dogs. Don saw the red ONDURA corrugated asphalt sheets at his local Lowe’s store and chose to use them for the roofs. The ONDURA sheets were the perfect choice for the simple purlin over rafter design for the roof. "I own a small homestead with farm animals and built numerous [...]

ONDURA Roof on Goat Shelters in South Carolina2017-06-08T16:01:12-05:00

ONDURA Roof on a Garage

Jim DiGiacomo is a customer who installed red ONDURA sheets on the roof of his garage. Here is his story. “I bought a house with a detached garage in the summer of 2015. The garage roof leaked in several places. I put a coating of Through the Roof, a rubberized roof coating, where I thought it was needed. That slowed the leak down but it did not completely stop it. I then put another coat [...]

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