Recreation shelter with ONDURA roof

ONDURA Roof on Playground at a Church in Virginia

A local church recently built a new playground for the children. Several members of the congregation volunteered to build the new playground and demonstrated some impressive carpentry skills in the design and construction of the centerpiece, which features a raised platform from which kids can enjoy slides and a covered area with a roof. While investigating roofing options at a local Lowe’s store, the lead person on the design team saw ONDURA corrugated asphalt sheets. [...]

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ONDURA Roof on Bandstand at City Stadium

Red ONDURA corrugated asphalt sheets were recently chosen for the roof of a new bandstand at City Stadium in Richmond, Virginia. The stadium is the home field for the Richmond Kickers, a professional soccer team that is popular with local families and soccer enthusiasts. The bandstand was built on the stadium grounds to provide a stage and shelter for local bands during the home games. On March 26th, opening night, the first band on the [...]

ONDURA Roof on Bandstand at City Stadium2016-05-21T16:45:15-05:00

Welcome to the ONDURA Blog

We are searching North America to find interesting, creative, and useful applications of our ONDURA corrugated asphalt roofing sheets and tiles. As we find these examples, and the stories from the people who chose to use our ONDURA roofing sheets and tiles, we will feature them here to share with you. If you know of an example that we should see, please send a message to Onduline North America

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