A company in Wells Branch, Maine, makes pre-fabricated, panelized cabin kits and uses ONDURA sheets for the roof for each cabin. The cabins can be assembled by two people without access to electricity. The owner of the company, Markus Diebolt, shared with us why he chose the ONDURA sheets.

When we designed our cabin kits, the first and foremost consideration was that this kit must be transportable with an AVT and small trailer to remote locations without an improved road. Secondly was the weight factor of each component. We wanted this kit to be handled by no more than two people and assembled within two days.

I designed a simple roof frame system with strapping as nailers. We could have selected a metal roof as a covering, but weight, cost and field alteration without electricity made it less attractive. Instead we chose ONDURA roof panels made by Onduline North America. The 48” x 79” panels, which only weigh 18 lbs., were the perfect fit. The very reasonable cost plus the ability to cut the panels with just a razor knife or hand saw further made ONDURA the perfect choice for the roof for our cabins.

We have field tested the ONDURA roof panels on our prototype model cabin for the last three Maine winters and there is hardly a blemish. Great product for a challenging application.

Markus Diebolt
Branch Camp Cozy Cabins

For more information about these pre-fabricated, panelized cabin kits for remote locations, please contact Markus or Karen at:

Branch Camp Cozy Cabins
P.O. Box 393
Kennebunk, Maine 04043
Phone: 207-985-3800
Email: mmarkusinc@maine.rr.com

Branch Camp Cozy Cabins

Cabin Roof

Cabin roof before ONDURA installation

ONDURA Roof Installation on Cabin

ONDURA roof installation on cabin

Green ONDURA Roof on Cabin

Green ONDURA roof on cabin

ONDURA Roof from Inside Cabin

ONDURA roof from inside cabin