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ONDURA Roof on Playground at a Church in Virginia

A local church recently built a new playground for the children. Several members of the congregation volunteered to build the new playground and demonstrated some impressive carpentry skills in the design and construction of the centerpiece, which features a raised platform from which kids can enjoy slides and a covered area with a roof. While investigating roofing options at a local Lowe’s store, the lead person on the design team saw ONDURA corrugated asphalt sheets. [...]

ONDURA Roof on Playground at a Church in Virginia2017-09-17T18:48:54-05:00

Green ONDURA on a Shed Roof in Richmond, Virginia

A customer installed green ONDURA corrugated asphalt sheets on the roof of a storage shed. Green is one of our most popular colors along with red, brown and gray. ONDURA sheets are also available in black, tan, white and blue. The painting process, during production in the factory, creates a durable layer of weather protection for the sheets. For this installation, the customer used our color-matched screws to install the ONDURA sheets. The screws are [...]

Green ONDURA on a Shed Roof in Richmond, Virginia2017-07-17T11:06:24-05:00

ONDURA Roof on Goat Shelters in South Carolina

Don Abrahamsen built three rustic animal shelters on his 2-acre homestead in Taylors, South Carolina. The shelters are for his goats and his two guard dogs. Don saw the red ONDURA corrugated asphalt sheets at his local Lowe’s store and chose to use them for the roofs. The ONDURA sheets were the perfect choice for the simple purlin over rafter design for the roof. "I own a small homestead with farm animals and built numerous [...]

ONDURA Roof on Goat Shelters in South Carolina2017-06-08T16:01:12-05:00

ONDURA Projects on Pinterest

If you are familiar with Pinterest, you already know that it is a platform for people to show and share images of their creative projects. Pinterest is a visual platform for sharing photos, and we have set up an account on Pinterest to share photos of projects that incorporated ONDURA corrugated roofing sheets. We invite you to visit our pinboards on Pinterest to see the projects that people have done where ONDURA is part of [...]

ONDURA Projects on Pinterest2017-01-22T17:24:39-05:00

ONDURA Roof on a Shed in Washington State

Mark and Paula have a house in Monroe, Washington. They recently fixed up the garden shed that came with the house when they bought it. They installed red ONDURA sheets on the roof and made other improvements. Paula took some fantastic photos and shared them with us. We think the shed looks great. "My boyfriend and I spent some time this summer making over the backyard garden shed. We put in a new deck, touched [...]

ONDURA Roof on a Shed in Washington State2017-01-21T20:20:52-05:00

ONDURA Roof on Buildings in Atlantic County, New Jersey

We saw red ONDURA roofs on a recent trip along U.S. Route 40 through Buena Vista Township in Atlantic County, New Jersey. The red ONDURA roofs are on two buildings at the Richland Village train station next to the train tracks. The red ONDURA roofs are on the ticket office and the information kiosk. The station is located at 1275 Harding Highway (U.S. Route 40), Richland, New Jersey 08350. The Richland Village train station serves [...]

ONDURA Roof on Buildings in Atlantic County, New Jersey2016-10-10T10:34:10-05:00

ONDURA Roof on Bandstand at City Stadium

Red ONDURA corrugated asphalt sheets were recently chosen for the roof of a new bandstand at City Stadium in Richmond, Virginia. The stadium is the home field for the Richmond Kickers, a professional soccer team that is popular with local families and soccer enthusiasts. The bandstand was built on the stadium grounds to provide a stage and shelter for local bands during the home games. On March 26th, opening night, the first band on the [...]

ONDURA Roof on Bandstand at City Stadium2016-05-21T16:45:15-05:00

ONDURA Roof on a Garage

Jim DiGiacomo is a customer who installed red ONDURA sheets on the roof of his garage. Here is his story. “I bought a house with a detached garage in the summer of 2015. The garage roof leaked in several places. I put a coating of Through the Roof, a rubberized roof coating, where I thought it was needed. That slowed the leak down but it did not completely stop it. I then put another coat [...]

ONDURA Roof on a Garage2016-10-10T10:00:01-05:00

ONDURA Roof on Baseball Dugout

Byrd Park, covering 287 acres, is a wonderful oasis in Richmond, Virginia, with open parkland, lakes, tennis courts and baseball fields. The pair of baseball fields in the northwest corner of the park have modest shelters for the players and bleachers for the fans, typical structures for a baseball field at a public park. Each shelter for the players--the team dugout--is covered with red ONDURA sheets for the roof. We are proud that ONDURA was [...]

ONDURA Roof on Baseball Dugout2016-03-16T17:04:40-05:00

ONDURA Roof on Shelters at Boy Scout Camp

To our pleasant surprise, we heard that a local Boy Scout camp has been using ONDURA sheets on their shelters for the past 15 years. They bought the ONDURA sheets at a local Lowe’s store and used them for the roof over a shelter at the archery range. That worked so well that they bought more sheets and used them for the roofs on other shelters. 15-year-old ONDURA roof on shelter at archery range [...]

ONDURA Roof on Shelters at Boy Scout Camp2020-02-27T13:46:48-05:00