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Benefits of ONDURA Corrugated Asphalt Roofing Sheets

ONDURA red roofing sheet
ONDURA brown roofing sheet
ONDURA gray roofing sheet

ONDURA corrugated asphalt roofing sheets are a popular alternative to corrugated metal panels that are sold at hardware and home improvement stores for do-it-yourself projects. ONDURA is available at many hardware and home improvement stores.

Here are a few benefits of using ONDURA for your roof:

Better Size

Corrugated metal panels are usually 26-inches wide and come in lengths of 8 or 12 feet.

The wider and shorter shape of ONDURA roofing sheets makes them easier to work with on a typical roofing project because roofs tend to be wider than they are tall. Keep in mind that the corrugated panels should be oriented so that rain water will drain in the direction of the corrugation channels. Three ONDURA sheets will cover a roof area 136-inches wide and 77-inches tall without cutting the sheets. You would have to cut three 26-inch by 12-ft corrugated metal panels to cover the same area. Cutting corrugated metal panels requires special metal-cutting tools, and takes time and careful attention to safety. The benefit here is that ONDURA sheets are generally ready to install with no cutting to divide the sheets and fewer overlap seams.

Easier to Trim
If the coverage of the roofing panels is not a close fit to the size of the roofing area, then you should trim the panels to the appropriate size to prevent a problem with wind uplift at the eave or rake edges. ONDURA sheets can be trimmed with a sharp knife, hand saw, or circular saw. To trim corrugated metal panels, you will need special metal-cutting tools. The benefit here is that ONDURA sheets are much easier to trim than corrugated metal panels, which reduces the installation time.

More Color Choices
ONDURA sheets are available in eight baked-on colors: red, brown, green, tan, blue, gray, white, and black. Corrugated metal panels that are sold in local hardware and home improvement stores are generally unpainted. The benefit here is the ready-to-use nature of the ONDURA sheets with color choices to fit your project needs.

Better Thermal Insulation
ONDURA roofing sheets are made from a corrugated cellulose felt that is coated and infused with asphalt. This material creates a better thermal barrier to heat than corrugated metal, which is important in areas where the roof will be exposed to direct sunlight on warm or hot days. The thermal properties of an ONDURA roof will also keep the interior of a shelter warmer than a corrugated metal roof when the temperature outside the shelter is cold. The benefit here is that choosing an ONDURA roof instead of a corrugated metal roof will keep the temperature in the structure below the roof more comfortable, and this is very important when the shelter is used for people, pets or farm animals.

Quieter Roof
ONDURA, by virtue of the composite design of asphalt and cellulose, is much quieter in a rain storm than corrugated metal panels. Anyone who has been under a corrugated metal roof in a rain storm knows the acoustics of a metal roof are loud. The benefit here is the quiet nature of an ONDURA roof in a rain storm.

Unaffected by Salt Water
ONDURA is unaffected by the corrosive properties of salt water, unlike corrugated metal roofing which will rust. This impervious property makes ONDURA the ideal choice for covering boathouses and other shelters near salt water. The benefit here is the long lifetime of the roof.

More Information
More information about ONDURA sheets is available on the Products page.

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