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Corrugated Asphalt Roofing by Onduline North America


The origin of the ONDURA product line began with the development of cellulose-bitumen based roofing materials in France in 1944. The first American production plant was built in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in 1976, and the first corrugated asphalt sheet rolled off that production line on January 14, 1977. The American company has gone through transitions in ownership and corporate identity while continuing to operate at the same Fredericksburg location. Improvements in materials used in the corrugated asphalt sheets and the production process led to wider adoption of ONDURA in roofing applications in North America. In 2010, ownership transitioned to the Onduline Group, which led to the current name of the American company: Onduline North America, Inc.

Onduline North America also provides the following products to the North American markets:

The Onduline Group

The Onduline Group is a global leader in innovative residential and commercial roofing products with headquarters in Paris, France, and 70 years of industry experience. Onduline's lightweight roofing materials are used worldwide for many residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. Onduline has operations on 5 continents with 10 production sites and 45 subsidiaries.

For more information about the Onduline Group, please go to the corporate website.

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