Ridgeline® Ridge Vent System

ridgeline-ventThe Ridgeline® Ridge Vent System is the most versatile multi-purpose ridge vent in the industry! It eliminates moisture, reduces energy costs, and increases the life of your roof. Ridgeline® can be installed in conjunction with Ondura® sheets and tiles, as well as shingles, and shakes. Low profile Ridgeline® vents are highly effective, yet practically invisible. They achieve balanced air flow that other types of vents just cannot deliver. Plus, unlike most ridge vent systems, on the market, Ridgeline® has no filters to clog, so it never loses efficiency.

Hot air building up in the attic of your home can be a destructive force. You do not have to destroy the looks of your roof to get an even flow of fresh air. Simply install the Ridgeline® Ridge Vent!

Unlike unsightly aluminum ridge vents or old-fashioned roof and turbine vents, a Ridgeline®Ridge Vent can barely be seen. Nailed securely in place beneath roofing, a Ridgeline® vent raises the ridgecap only ¾”.

In the summer, the advantages of Ridgeline® Ridge Vents are obvious, but they are also highly effective in the winter too. Without an even, continuous flow of attic air, moisture can accumulate and condense on rafters, sheathing, and trusses. When this condensation drips onto the insulation below, the R-value can be dramatically reduced which results in higher heating costs. For year round protection, the attic of your home needs the ventilation provided by a Ridgeline® Ridge Vent.

Ridgeline® features a unique roll style peak which eliminates shingle cracking at the ridge cap. Ridgeline® Ridge Vents are completely covered with roofing, so there is no chance of deterioration from damaging UV rays. And unlike other vents, Ridgeline® Ridge Vents never loses efficiency because it contains no filters. Much like the filters in your car or your home’s heating and cooling system, over time the filters will become filled with dust and debris. In a ridge vent system, that means the circulation gets bogged down. Just like other filters, in order to ensure proper ventilation, they will have to be replaced. Changing clogged filters on your roof is not an easy task!

Upon proper installation, Ridgeline® Ridge Vents are warranted free of manufacturing defects for the life of the roof cover installed in conjunction with the vent application.

Important Note: Most shingle warranties require ventilation. Ridgeline® Ridge Vents provide 15 square inches per linear foot of net free ventilation when used in conjunction with balanced soffit ventilation.