Shed with ONDURA roof

Green ONDURA on a Shed Roof in Richmond, Virginia

A customer installed green ONDURA corrugated asphalt sheets on the roof of a storage shed. Green is one of our most popular colors along with red, brown and gray. ONDURA sheets are also available in black, tan, white and blue. The painting process, during production in the factory, creates a durable layer of weather protection for the sheets.

For this installation, the customer used our color-matched screws to install the ONDURA sheets. The screws are available […]

ONDURA Roof on a Shed in Washington State

Mark and Paula have a house in Monroe, Washington. They recently fixed up the garden shed that came with the house when they bought it. They installed red ONDURA sheets on the roof and made other improvements. Paula took some fantastic photos and shared them with us. We think the shed looks great.
“My boyfriend and I spent some time this summer making over the backyard garden shed. We put in a new deck, touched up […]